What stops you studying ?

The art of procrastination.... :(
The art of procrastination.... :(

Hello!  We've decided to write a series of blogs aimed at helping students on their studying journey, by sharing our tips and tricks of the trade ;-)

In this blog we look at how to initially set up and start your studies - "simples" you say.  However; it's not sometimes .....

How many times have you found yourself saying - I really must apply for that course (...........and then never getting round to it?)

Or, having started said course and then tried to attend to your "home study" only to find yourself cleaning the bathroom / oven / car (or something equally as random)?  Yes, we've all been there, I'm afraid.

Welcome to the art of procrastination!  It's affects us all (and apparently means we're quite bright..............).

So - how do we get around this and set ourself up to study?  Well - there are a couple of things you can do, to give yourself a jump start and get on with the job at hand:

1. Commit to the cause

Decide why you want to do your particular field of study and then commit to it 110%.  Studying can be very tedious at times - so you need to have a very clear picture of why you are doing the study and what you hope to achieve at the end of it.  A half hearted approach will only leave you feeling disenchanted when you fail exams, due to lack of motivation and result in you not achieving your ultimate dreams.

2. Get rid of all distractions

We live in a really busy world - TV / Mobile Phones / Social Media Channels / XBox / Friends & Family / Pets (the list goes on).  To be successful in your studies you have to unplug from the world for a while and get rid of all distractions, so that you can concentrate on the task at hand - the study!

3. Ensure that your work commitments are not too onerous

I appreciate that this point may be easier said that done, but if you want to be successful with your studies you really have to leave work at a reasonable time.  This can be a fine balancing act at times, but it is especially important that you have sufficient time to do your studies, as you near your exams.  Perhaps a conversation with your employer would be in order, so that you can both understand each other's requirements?

4. Study materials

Ensure that you have all of your study materials, prior to starting a study session (text books / pens / highlighters / ruler / calculator / pencils / page flags / paper / folder etc).  This way, when you decide to study - there is nothing to stop you!

5. Study Timetable

Look at the subjects / work you have to get through and how much time you have to give to your studies and then set yourself up with a realistic study timetable.  When scheduling time for your study, make sure you include time for all of your current commitments (family, loved ones, sport, social and work commitments etc).  We will cover how to draft a study timetable in a future blog.

6. Study environment

Ensure that your study environment is conducive to study.  Ideally you should have a chair and a table, with good lighting.  Your study area should maintain a reasonable temperature to keep you alert (too hot and you'll fall asleep - too cold and you won't be able to concentrate from your teeth chattering!).  Lounging in bed, or on the sofa or on the floor is really comfy I know, but does not help you get yourself in the right frame of mind to take in your subject matter.  You should also keep your study area free from clutter and free from all distractions.

7. Banish self doubt

Believe in yourself!  Sometimes we are ruled by fear of failure / or similarly fear of success .....Be clear on why you want to do the studies and then, once your are clear on your motivation, just work steadily towards achieving your dreams.  Use positive affirmations to keep you going (perhaps a note saying - I can do this! - stuck to your bathroom mirror).

8. And finally....

DON'T OVERTHINK IT - JUST WORK!  Productive study really just boils down to a lot of hard work.



Best of luck with your studies.

Until next time...


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