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The Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA) is a global professional body for chartered certified accountants. 

ACCA is often considered a desirable qualification in finance roles inside and outside of the accountancy sector.

Upon completion, you will become a member of the ACCA. 

The ACCA usually takes three to four years of study to achieve, although the structure of your studies often varies depending upon your employer. 

The three main components of the ACCA are:

  • Exams – up to 14 exams, depending on exemptions
  • Experience – 36 months' experience in a relevant role (achieving the 13 performance objectives)
  • Ethics – the Professional Ethics module.

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Each ACCA course should take approximately 150 hours of study to complete.


ACCA F4 Chapter 1 from IPA on Vimeo.

Our Online Course Includes

  • Video delivered online tuition, spanning the whole syllabus
  • Bespoke course notes
  • PDF notes for each chapter section
  • Automated exam standard questions
  • Automated mock exams
  • Other helpful resources
  • Online Tutor Support, as and when required

Student Registration and Examinations

Please note that you must still register as a student, remember to book your exam sittings, and pay any fees, as set out by your professional body.

The International Professional Academy courses are to be used in conjunction with the approved study text from your professional body.