Who we are

Online professional courses

The International Professional Academy is your preferred online tuition provider.

Our group of companies have been in operation since 2003 and have a glowing reputation for providing the highest quality tuition and study materials, whilst helping our students pass, first time.

Our philosophy is simple - provide you with the highest quality online courses and tuition, at your convenience, to enable you to pass your professional exams first time and to also help develop your skills and career progression.

Each online course is competitively priced and comprises our unique materials and bespoke teaching aids.

The professional courses help condense the study text into a more palatable size, whilst still covering the salient points of each course, to ensure you have the highest chance of exam success.  

The Learn & Earn and CPD courses provide invaluable insight, guidance and tips into all aspects of the Offshore Finance sector.


Student Registration and Examinations

Please note that you must still register as a student, remember to book your exam sittings, and pay any fees, as set out by your professional body.

The International Professional Academy courses are to be used in conjunction with the approved study text from your professional body.